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Benefits of having As-Buit floor plans done of your existing properties

  • Stop throwing money away.
  • For Pennies per square foot
    • Know the true square footage of your properties.
    • Ensure you are leasing every square foot you have.
    • Get the rentable square footage of your tenant spaces per the BOMA standard by the official BOMA interpreters who created the standard.
  • It has been our experience that, on average, after remeasurement, our clients realize an increase in their R.O.I by 5%
  • Stop relying on 20 year old plans. Have accurate floor plans that show the current configuration of your building
  • Get away from paper. Get AutoCAD plans that you own and that you can give to architects, engineers
  • Make the life of your property managers and building engineers easier.
  • Make marketing, leasing, and management easier
  • Have the data you need for build outs, remodels, and refreshes to give to your architects and contractors.
  • Accurate as-built floor plans are the foundation for CAFM and BIM creation.


Get answers to your BOMA measurement standards questions answered here.

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