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The most often asked questions are who has what space leased? What are the boundaries of the space? When does the lease expire? What rentable sqaure footage (RSF) is it leased under? Which space is vacant? Keeping that information handy can be a chore and reading it daunting, even with facilities management software. There are times when having a visual representation of lease data in the form of a leasing plan is a great approach.

Leasing Plans from American Building Calculations makes management of your leases easier. At a glance you'll see all of the data that you need. Leasing plans aid in sharing data. Instead of giving someone access to a database or purchasing another software license simply store, share, and send the leasing plans as needed.

Did You Know?

Owners of commercial properties don't realize that they have an additional 3% to 8% in revenue producing square footage that they are not charging for!